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At the heart of any successful program is a curriculum foundation that not only effectively meets a full range of outcomes and objectives, but also supports teachers in a way that allows them to confidently provide new and exciting learning opportunities every day King David Academy uses the HighReach Learning Curriculum. HighReach supports and inspires educators from a variety of educational backgrounds by providing meaningful learning experiences and support materials that promote active, playful, and authentic learning opportunities.

Development / Emergent Literacy
  • Points to objects when named
  • Experiments with sounds
  • Names familiar objects in books
  • Shows interest in colors and patterns
  • Matches like shapes in simple puzzles
  • Fills and dumps objects
Learning About the World (Science)
  • Uses senses to explore
  • Manipulates new toys/objects to see what they will do
  • Shows interest in environment (rocks, clouds, etc.)
Social Emotional Development
  • Begins to play independently
  • Discovers how to respond to social situations
  • Awareness of own feelings
Approaches to Learning
  • Shows curiosity about new things
  • Uses repetition to discover new skills
  • Tries one or two solutions to play problems
Physical and Health Development
  • Stacks blocks or toys
  • Walks without help; begins climbingv
  • Makes marks with writing materials
Development / Emergent Literacy
  • Repeats words
  • Takes turns in conversation
  • Attempts to sing songs
  • Begins to understand quantity (more)
  • Sorts by color, size, or shape
  • Begins to understand sequence of daily routines
Learning About the World (Science)
  • Describes what is seen
  • Begins to understand cause and effect
  • Classifies things that belong together
Social Emotional Development
  • Calms down after being upset
  • Becomes aware of other's feelings
  • Engages in parallel play
Approaches to Learning
  • Asks "why" questions
  • Uses objects as tools
  • Attempts a task for a minute or two before asking for help
Physical and Health Development
  • Runs; can kick a ball
  • Washes hands with assistance
  • Demonstrates increasing balance
Development / Emergent Literacy
  • Answers simple questions about a story, rhyme, or song
  • Communicates through scribbling
  • Speaks in longer sentences
  • Can count to 10 and beyond
  • Learns patterns and series of objects
  • Knows written numbers represent quantity
Learning About the World (Science)
  • Uses objects in a variety of ways
  • Can notice differences in results
  • Uses tools and measuring devices to explore
Social Emotional Development
  • Eager to help with chores
  • Becomes aware of other's feelings
  • Increased ability to follow rules
Approaches to Learning
  • Makes independent choices
  • Becomes more imaginative and inventive
  • Participates in a wider variety of experiences
Physical and Health Development
  • Increased coordination to use scissors, hole punch
  • Increasing strength and stamina
  • Points to body parts on self when named
Georgia Standards of Excellence
Our Pre-K curriculum follows the official standards as set forth by the Georgia Department of Education. Learn more here.
Development / Emergent Literacy
  • Associates sounds with written words
  • Identifies at least 10 letters of alphabet
  • Writes name and familiar words
  • Can match, sort, and regroup items
  • Makes comparisons between objects
  • Understands over, under, behind, etc.
Learning About the World (Science)
  • Participates in simple investigations
  • Begins to predict results based on past experiences
  • Collects, describes, and records information
Social Emotional Development
  • Expresses growing confidence in abilities
  • Increasing ability to compromise with others
  • Greater knowledge of community
Approaches to Learning
  • Eager to learn about new ideas
  • Maintains concentration despite distractions
  • Increased ability to find more than one solution to a question or problem
Physical and Health Development
  • Throws, catches, and bounces balls
  • Growing independence in personal hygiene
  • Uses pencils, markers, and paintbrushes with increased control
Assessing student progress
To ensure our students are making progress, we participate in the Ages and Stages Questionnaire twice a year. Learn more here.

How can I help my child?

Research continues to show the importance of family involvement in a child’s success in school. HighReach Learning values the role of the family in making a difference in the lives of young children. Children learn from the people and places all around them. You are truly your child’s first teacher and play an integral part in his or her development. Our curriculum encourages families and teachers to work together, guiding children’s learning in powerful and fun ways.

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